About Us

Amazing fabrics, natural material, indigo, prints, embroideries, denim... 45RPM is a Japanese Fashion brand. We have three locations in Paris. We create clothes inspired by Japanese craftsmanship.

45rpm Corporate Philosophy

Japanese people have been doing this for a long time.
Creating items that are gentle to people, sturdy, long lasting and ingenious.
We excavate these "great things" of Japan, and try to recreate them.
We want to share the power of Japanese style with the world.
"We want people from around the world to wear our garments happily."
Based on this simple philosophy, by creating "items, people, and company"
that are globally appreciated, we contribute to the artisans and craftspeople who make our items, our customers and our communities.
This is what 45rpm aspires to.

Company Profile

Company name45rpm studio. Co., Ltd.
Year of establishment1978
Capital10,000,000 YEN
PresidentTAKAHASHI Shinji
Chief Operating OfficerNAKASHIMA Masaki
Executive directorINOUE Yasumi
Number of employees254 (as of April 2015)
Sales6,700 million Yen (fiscal year 2014)
Main financing banksMitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank
Description of businessPlanning, production and sales of various apparel products.
Headquarters7-2-1, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Number of stores46 stores (Japan) / 13 stores (overseas) (as of April 2015)



Established business operation in Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Ladies' brand "45rpm" started.

The first store "Shibuya Fire street store" opened.

"45rpm studio, Co., Ltd." Established.

Men's brand "45rpm BOYS" started.
1986"45rpm BOYS" evolved into a new brand, "NORTH MARINE DRIVE."
1991A five pocket denim was born to 45rpm for the first time.

"45rpm R shop" opened on Meiji-dori in Shibuya.

"45rpm Osaka store" opened in Minami Semba, Osaka, as a new flagship store of Kansai area, western Japan.

"45rpm-no-Techo", 45rpm look book launched.
1998"NORTH MARINE DRIVE" opened.
1999Building of "Badou-R", main store in Minamiaoyama 7 chome completed.

45rpm and NORTH MARINE DRIVE lines merged and evolved into a new line "45rpm&", and another new brand, "R by 45rpm", which specializes in Japanese blue and Indigo dyeing.

"R by 45rpm New York," the first store overseas, opened in SoHo, New York.

"45rpm& Minamiaoyama" a flagship store of "45rpm&" opened - by refurbishing NORTH MARINE DRIVE Minamiaoyama store.

"R by 45rpm Taipei store", the first store in Asia outside of Japan, opened in Taipei Anho, Taiwan.

"Badou-R", new brand, launched.

"R by 45rpm Kyoto Sanjyo" our main shop in the western Japan, opened in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.

"Badou-R BESPOKE," a custom tailoring shop of 45rpm, opened in Kotto-Dori, Aoyama, Tokyo.
2003"R by 45rpm Paris," the first store in Europe, opened in Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris.
2004The first issue of "BADOU·R AI 45" released.

"45R NEW YORK UPPER EAST store" opened in uptown New York City.

"umii908," a new line launched.

"45' AI INDIGO store" opened in Kotto-dori, Aoyama, Tokyo

"45' AI INDIGO" started specializing in organic cotton.

"45R Harbor City Store" opened in Hong Kong Harbor City in Hong Kong.

"45' AI INDIGO PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN," our second store in Paris, opened in Paris.

"45R SANLITUN BEIJING" opened in Beijing Sanlitun Village, China.

"45R Ginza store" opened in Ginza 3 chome, Tokyo.

"45R Book" launched.
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