Okome Denim Charlotte Distress

420,00 € tax incl.

100% Cotton
leather patch: horsehide

*Indigo dye may discharge, please wash with similer or darker colors.

Model height 170cm
Wearing size 2-28 inches

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Okome, Mugi, Goma, ... Many of 45R’s denim fabric are named after cereals in Japanese.

To us, denim is like a staple food of everyday meal.

Combined with any material all year long, it is the foundation of all outfits.

Denim woven in our favorite Zimbabwean cotton is firm and has a very dry touch.

Nothing better than the feeling of putting them on after they dried under the sun.

Okome denim is the thickest of our denims.

The high waist straight silhouette matches any style.

SizeWaistHipRiseInseamThickness of thighHem-width
0 - 26inch729229712923
1 - 27inch749630713024
2 - 28inch7610032713124
3 - 29inch7810232723226
4 - 30inch8010433723326