Indian Okomehira Big Googoo Shirt

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100% Cotton

Made in Japan

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In Japanese “okome” means rice, “mugi” means wheat. 

The new standard for shirt’s fabric, the “okome hira” is now thinner, it’s called “mugi hira”. 

Just like a staple food of everyday meal. a plain weave shirt is the staple piece of all outfits. 

Made by weaving hand-spun yarn into the weft only. It is a simple but yet with depth and rough looking fabric, and so comfortable to wear. 

When 45R first encountered khadi in India, this is the kind of texture it had. 

Our Googoo shirt is inspired from vintage pyjamas. 

We made it in a bigger cut, and so we call it “Bigoogoo shirt”. 

Though the width is larger, the length is shorter so the cut is well balanced.

Unisex shirt :

The female model is 165 cm tall and she is wearing a size 2-S

Size  Chest Length Shoulder width Sleeve lengh