Indian Khadi Dress

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100% cotton

Made in Japan

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Khadi is one of 45R much loved material. 

Though mechanization is growing up in India too, we are sensitive to hand spun and hand woven fabric. 

The transparency of the fabric, which is light and gentle and allows air to pass through it, is unique to khadi fabric. 

This long, cool dress will sway in the breeze. 

From the fabric to the dying, this piece is all handcraft. 

To express our respect and gratitude to India for its unique craftsmanship, we added an Indian stamp "Kadi-chan's stamp". 

This is our way of showing that 45R wishes to continue to deepen the importance of khadi. 

The model is 165cm tall and she is wearing a size 0-free

Size Chest Length Shoulder width Sleeve length 
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