Indigo Jersey Aloha Flower Wreath Print Bandana

102,00 € tax incl.

100% Cotton 

Made in Japan 

* Because it is an indigo product, there is a possibility of dye transfer.

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Bandana is an essential item just like T-shirt and denim pants. 45R's bandana has come a long way with the brand. It can be used to wrap around your neck, over your head and simply as a handkerchief. 

As it is directly in contact of the skin, we want to make sure that the material is comfortable. 

This how the jersey bandana was born. 

This is a unique 45R original bandana. 

Small yet skilled detail can be found at the edges of the bandana, being held 3 times before being stitched together, which is technically very difficult to do!

This small bandana is packed with our passion and attention to details.