World de Coton Chamerican T-Shirt

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100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Modern white cotton is the result of repeated breeding. Ancient cotton was brown, with short, coarse fibers. Chamerican, which is the result of combining ancient cotton and Supima, retains the look of ancient cotton and is light and airy. It is a brown cotton that reminds us of the land of America.

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Cotton T-shirts from around the world!

We want our customers to be happy to wear comfortable clothes. Our idea is simple: we choose our raw materials carefully, look closely at their faces, listen to their voices, and bring out the best in them. Our basic approach to manufacturing is to bring out the best in our products.

From cotton produced in 90 countries around the world, we have selected four of our favorite raw materials for our T-shirts. The individuality of each cotton varies depending on the land and environment in which it was born and raised. We knit them in a way that brings out the best of each.

Of course, they are not dyed. The colors are the simple tones of the raw materials as they are.
We hope you will take a good look at the materials and choose the T-shirt you like.