Kutekute corduroy 908 Tyrol shirt

470,00 € tax incl.

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

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Corduroy usually uses different thicknesses of ridges depending on the item.
Thicker ridges are generally used for outerwear and pants, and thinner ridges are used for shirts.

kutekute corduroy has thick ridges and is warm with strong unevenness, but it is a "light" corduroy. The smooth texture is the best.

The shape is a Tyrolean shirt, a mountain shirt.
The back is finely gathered, and the pleats are kept simple with as few stitches as possible.
It is a dress shirt that you would like to wear under a vest.

sizebustLengthshoulder widthSleeve Length
1 - XS104704055
2 - S.114734557
3 - M.124754859
4 - L.134765062
5 - XL138815563